The Company

Les Diptik

The duo Les Diptik creates theatrical clown shows aimed at adults, mixing theatrical storytelling, poetic absurdity and offbeat humor. They perform their shows in French, German, Italian or English, all over Switzerland and France. They enjoy presenting in small intimate basement theaters of the countryside just as much as large-scale institutions in big cities.

Céline Rey and David Melendy first met while studying at the university for Physical Theater, Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland, and their duo was created when they were invited to clown for the 2013 season of Circus Monti.
Their success and chemistry continued to develop as they maintained a presence in both the worlds of circus and theater. In 2014 they won the bronze medal at the Young Stage International Circus Festival, and later on performed with the GOP Variété Theater (DE), Origen Festival Cultural (CH), CASCADE (NL), and hosted the World Theater Day Celebration at UNESCO in Paris.

Their first full-length theatrical clown show, Hang Up (2015) was created with friend and colleague Marjolaine Minot and won 2nd place in the Niederstätter surPrise festival in Bozen, Italy. After 100 performances and counting, Hang Up continues in French, German, and Italian versions.

Their 2nd full-length production, Poscriptum, was created in 2018 with the collaboration of Sky de Sela and is also still touring.

In 2020, the duo created a solo show, Etcetera, etc, performed by David Melendy. In the same year they were nominated for the Swiss “Kleinkunstprise”, awarded by the Federal Office of Culture.


Céline Rey

Céline Rey grew up in Fribourg (CH). After finishing secondary school, she spent 8 months in Peru, teaching and traveling. Upon her return to Switzerland she studied Educational Sciences at the University of Fribourg and also enrolled in a one-year pre-professional course at the Conservatoire de Fribourg where she deepened her knowledge of the dramatic arts. However, it wasn’t until she enrolled at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri that she discovered the kind of theatrical expressivity she had been looking for. She won the Migros Culture Percentage prize for Physical Theatre, and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in in 2012. Céline then set off on a voyage in a caravan with Circus Monti for their 2013 season with her new clown partner, David Melendy, where she gave life to her clown in over 250 performances. Since 2016 she has also performed with Karl’s Kühne Gassenschau in their most recent production, Sektor 1.

Céline now lives in Fribourg, where, in addition to the development of the duo Les Diptik, she teaches and directs various clown and theater projects.


David Melendy

David Melendy was born and raised in California. He started his performing career by studying at the San Francisco Circus Center, graduating from the Clown Conservatory in 2009. Looking for a more intensive training program, David embarked on an adventure to Switzerland, to study at the university of physical theatre, Accademia Teatro Dimitri. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2012, and was hired the following year as a clown for Circus Monti. It was here that David formed a clown duo, now known as Les Diptik, with partner Céline Rey. Apart from touring internationally with Les Diptik, performing their shows Hang Up and Poscriptum for French, German, and Italian speaking audiences, David has also worked with companies such as Zirkus Fahraway, and hosted events such as World Theater Day at UNESCO in Paris, or the Swiss “Kleinkunstbörse”.

In 2020 David completed his MA in Physical Theater at the Accademia Dimitri, and created a solo theatrical clown show, Etcetera, etc, written and directed in collaboration with his stage partner Céline Rey.