Etcetera, etc.

Etcetera, etc.
A solo by David Melendy & Céline Rey

The piece follows Dr. Robert Malomen, specialist in molecular biology, who welcomes the audience to one of his esteemed lectures entitled, “How to build the perfect human being” - hosted by himself, with some help from himself, and including a few appearances by himself. It is a path of intricate and detailed pieces of a life delicately woven together, using an absurd and disconcerting humor, somewhere between clown, tragicomedy, and stand up. It is a comic yet philosophical investigation into our relationship to the exponential advances of science - the tendency to push the limits of mortality, as well as the loneliness that can be caused by the widespread use of new technologies.

Created and performed by David Melendy
Co-created with Céline Rey

Produced by Les Diptik and Accademia Teatro Dimitri