Les Réparateurs

01.12.21 - 09.01.22 : Every night, join les Réparateurs on their nightly tour in search of urban anomalies. Be the witnesses of their poetic and offbeat interventions!

The project LES REPARATEURS invites the public to follow the peregrinations of a comical and poetic duo through the city. These funny characters are always there when needed...but their enthusiasm is only matched by their clumsiness! For this creation between live art and illuminations, Sam and Fred Guillaume do not propose a simple decoration of the city, but poetic detour of some of its elements, through short cinematographic stories that can be watched in any order.

The characters are embodied by the clown duo Les Diptik - winners of the Prix Suisse de la Scène 2020.

This project is intended to be accessible to everyone, from children to grandparents; without words, it is not limited by language barriers.

Making of

Have a look backstage with the making of Les Réparateurs :

Watch Les Réparateurs, Making Of on Vimeo


Projection locations, Fribourg