The Duo

Céline Rey and David Melendy met while isolated in the Alps during their studies at the renowned university of physical theater, Scuola Teatro Dimitri, in Verscio, Switzerland (population 1,200). Upon their graduation, though they had no interest in working together, the Swiss Circus Monti invited them to develop a clown duo for the 2013 season, Monti PopUp. 250 shows in 8 months in 40 cities certainly did a lot to solidify their onstage chemistry, characters, and charisma, but not quite as much as having to survive a Swiss winter living in caravans built in the 1980's.

The success of their duo was encouraged further when they were asked to compete in the Young Stage International Circus Festival 2014, where they were awarded with the Bronze Star, as well as an engagement prize from Circolo, Freiburg's Weihnachts-Circus.They continue performing their original clown acts internationally, in variety shows and circuses such as the GOP Varieté Theater in Germany, or CASCADE in the Netherlands, as well as at private events.

Apart from their circus endeavors, Céline and David maintain their interest in the world of theater. In 2014 they spent the summer creating a touring a Commedia dell'Arte-style show for the Origen Festival Cultural, in Graubünden, Switzerland. In October 2015, they created their first full-length theatrical clown show, Hang Up, co-written and directed by Marjolaine Minot, of which they are now touring both French and German versions.


Céline Rey

Céline Rey grew up in Fribourg (CH) between the Alps and the river Saane, between Scouts and playing cello, between theater and social work, and between her two buff brothers. After finishing secondary school, she spent 8 months in Peru, teaching, traveling, and stuffing her face with mais. Upon her return to Switzerland she studied Educational Sciences at the University of Fribourg, yet felt an ever growing interest in the theater arts. She enrolled in a one year pre-professional course at the Conservatoire de Fribourg, where she deepened her knowledge of the dramatic arts, but it was not until she studied at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri that she found the expressive vein which she was missing. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in movement theater, but had discovered a passion for Clown and the desire to investigate the art form further, and met her future clown partner, David Melendy, the Californian. Their love for humor allowed her to embark on a voyage in a caravan with Circus Monti for their 2013 season, where she gave life to her clown in over 250 performances. She now lives in Fribourg, where she participates in various theatrical projects and the development of the duo Les Diptik with David.


David Melendy

David Melendy was born on the beaches of sunny California. Inspired by the irony of growing up in the world capital of surfing, Santa Cruz, yet never learning to surf, after high school he decided to study the art of clown at the Clown Conservatory of the San Francisco Circus Center. After two years of training and performing in Bay Area circus and theater productions, in 2010 he decided to flee the warm sandy coast, and trade it for the fresh milk and cheese filled Alps of southern Switzerland. He studied at the university of physical theater, Scuola Teatro Dimitri, where he met his future clown partner, Céline Rey, and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in 2012. Since then, under the guise of Les Diptik, he has been creating and performing with Céline internationally, in circus, theater, varieté, and private events. He also occasionally participates in projects outside of Les Diptik, such as clowning for the 2016 summer tour of Zirkus Fahraway.