Produktionen - Etcetera, etc.

Etcetera, etc.

Les Diptik present their latest production:

Etcetera, etc.
A solo by David Melendy & Céline Rey

Vorstellung auf Englisch und französische, deutsche Versionen in Kürze.

Our host for the evening would like to welcome you and express his great appreciation of your presence, especially on a day like today, when there are so many other things that could captivate your attention and occupy your time.
Professor Robert Malomen, PhD in Biotechnology and Molecular Genetics, is ready to begin his lecture “Building the Perfect Human Being”.
Never exactly in the right place at the right time, it is quite possible that Bobby is just simply a little lost.
And we’ll have to excuse Robie, he’s late. Again.
It’s perhaps just the simple need for some human connection.
In the solo show Etcetera, etc. David Melendy and Céline Rey explore the boundaries between theatrical storytelling and contemporary clown.
A path of intricate and detailed pieces of a life delicately woven together, a mixed salad of clown, contemporary absurdity, collage storytelling, pompous art, and carrots. It’s just a story - his story, someone else’s story, their story, our story.

Created and performed by David Melendy
Co-created with Céline Rey

Produced by Les Diptik and Accademia Teatro Dimitri